About Me

I’m not sure whether it is a good idea to write anything here, just as I was unsure whether or not I ought to publish this blog under my own name. Part of me is tempted to assert that it shouldn’t matter who it is that says something, only whether or not it is worthy of being said. But I’m too sceptical to hold with that. Human beings – and their utterances – are artefacts of their histories and not to make explicit the perspective from which you are writing is not the same thing as not writing from a distinct perspective. Readers deserve to be given some biographical information as a context in which to read the statements of the political writer.

I was brought up in a North-Eastern suburb by two politically Conservative parents on a middle household income. I was educated at a private day school from age nine and read history at Trinity College, Cambridge. After graduating in June 2006, I settled in Cambridge, working for DEFRA, the Labour Party and for the University exam board. In July of this year I will be moving to London where current indications suggest that I will be unemployed.

About a year ago I shaved off the goatee beard. It made me look disreputable.

7 Responses to “About Me”

  1. Vivien Vibert Says:

    I am Bondit – wrote in Guardian today 1 minute before you did. Love your essays here, saying so much that is important.

  2. adammcnestrie Says:

    Thank you, Vivien. Your words mean a lot to this obscure blogger.

  3. Mark Says:

    Interesting blog – subscribed..

  4. NBeale Says:

    Adam – welcome from a fellow Trinity man. I hope (and expect) you are not unemployed. What do you want to do?

  5. adammcnestrie Says:

    Nice to know I can rely on the college network to get me some traffic.

    I am sad to say that the ‘About Me’ page is slightly out of date and that I am now unemployed. That said, it’s only been three days. I’m applying for jobs with think-tanks, magazines and publishing companies. I’m interviewing tomorrow in fact.

    You’re not a thriving entrepreneur who wants to raise their status in the community by becoming a patron are you, by any chance?

  6. Thomas Aikenhead Says:

    Some most interesting posts!
    Would it be possible for you to support some of your comments and observations with some sources/citations/references?


  7. adammcnestrie Says:

    Tom, thanks for your comment. I can’t help you on the citation front really. It’s not the way I fly anymore: I’m done with academia and have settled happily into a dilettante style. In a lecture I heard this year I heard that Nietzsche’s published work included just three footnotes; I hope to avoid publishing even that many.

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